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Wall switches and electrical breakers are the best products for the home and business for their look and quality.


No matter where you are, or what you do, with DG GULF you are always connected.

Motorized Horisantal LCD Lift

KNX Partner:

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KNX is a standardized (EN 50090, ISO/IEC 14543), OSI-based network communications protocol for intelligent buildings. KNX is the successor to, and convergence of, three previous standards: the European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), BatiBUS, and the European Installation
Bus (EIB or Instabus). The KNX
standard is administered by the
KNX Association.

DG Group KNX
Partner from 1990,
And have a competent programmers and certified by the KNXEIB organization DG Group agents for many specialized companies manufacture KNXEIB products.


Products is the first worldwide in home automation enabling users to interact with every electrical item in their house or business with the most elegant user interface ever developed.

DG GULF can help you make your life easier…


People of Lava Sweden:

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People of Lava design, manufacture and market premium LED TV’s and motorized, remote controlled accessories. We promote and accentuate user-centric innovation .

STR intercom systems:

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STR door entry intercom systems. We supply and repair STR door entry intercom systems and handsets.

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