Road Blockers:

A massive and sturdy construction of high tensile steel ensures highest security at entrances for government entities, banks, borders, …
DOS K12 rated
Useable after impact
Fully closed design




Wedge Barriers:


The Wedge Barrier K12 is the newest high security product, certified to PAS 68 & DOS K12. One of its big advantages is the shallow foundation & swift operation time. Typical areas of application are research & development centers, power stations, industrial plants & military sites. Due to testing & assembly in the factory, the installation is very easy.



Alarms & Extinguishing:


 Alarm: To protect your business, home & family from intruders, our experienced team will carry out a free full security risk assessment of your property and advise you on the best course of action.
Fire Protection: To protecting people, property, and processes from fire hazards, whatever your business, wherever you work, a Fire Systems solution can be designed to protect your team and your operations.





Crash Bollards:

high security product, could be used in city centres or around embassies. The crash rated bollards combine high security with aesthetic design and is certified to PAS 68 and DOS K12.






Tyre killer is designed to destroy vehicles trying to forcibly enter into the secured area. If a vehicle attempts to break through, its tires and axles will be destroyed. All vehicles can drive over the lowered tire killer




Blast-Proof Window Glass Films:

FILMWe carry one of the best safety film in the market; Saint Goban Solargard®. This is an American made film that meet world standards for safety and security. The film is rated for fire, blast and human impact by GSA, ISO 16933, ASTM 1642 and ASTM E84.



  • These rating are:
  1. For the ability of this film to prevent theft because after the glass is broken the film will hold it in place.
  2. Fire protection because the glass will burn slower with the film on it giving more time for people to escape the burning area.
  3. Blast protection because the glass will hold together and will not turn into shrapnel that will hurt the people behind the glass.

X-Ray Machines:


Guarantees advanced detection systems using Multi- Energy technology. This technology enables inspection of hand & hold baggage which is used at airports, government Entities, public buildings, customs facilities, railway stations, post offices, and for any secure facility susceptible to terrorist attacks or any type of unlawful activities.



Walkthrough Metal Detectors:


Multi-Dimensional Scanning which ensures maximum throughput and uniform detection. With a uniform detection field throughout the archway, the metal detector responds more effectively to weapons while ignoring harmless objects. This uniform screening significantly minimalizes false alarms. The Metal Detector is Microprocessor Controlled for enhanced sensitivity for accurate weapons detection from the archway of the metal detector to the floor. These Walk through Metal Detector has an audible alarm and LED bar graph indicating if metal is detected.



Utilized for securing Telecom Sites or any valuable rose bush, we offer fences customized to client requirements and specifications. Usually Hot Dip galvanized with an average zinc thickness of 80 microns.





Fire rated doors:


Full range of insulated doors 60 & 30 min up to 2 hours fire rated, usually designed to suite Power Substations, Cold Stores, Heat transfer application and other similar locations.







Automation systems for Swing gates , Sliding gates ,Sectional and overhead garage
door operators .





Guard Rails:

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.01.32 PMInstalled in the median of a divided highway, or along the curb lanes of highways and two-lane roads, the continuous steel guardrail absorbs the shock of vehicle impact and guides the vehicle in the direction of the traffic flow. The net result of this system is to reduce the tendency for out of control vehicles to rebound into the path of following oncoming traffic.



Banking Equipment:


ATM: New standard of cash processing and achieve your present and future strategies and expectations. Designed for maximum availability providing a broad range of services.
Sorting machine: High performance banknote sorting machine with cutting-edge banknote detection technology to improve cash processing speed and accuracy.






Detection Devices:


Under Vehicle Monitoring






Explosive Detector